Thursday, 11 January 2018

"Being there"

                     The view from the clifftop is stunning. Looking out over the crystal-clear
                     aquamarine water of the bay at Pefkos in the summer heat reminds me of
                    why I love this place. I walk past the houses and small olive groves and
                     head towards Kavos beach.

                     Two men are sorting through their fishing net in a small boat anchored
                     in the shelter of the bay. I wave, "Kalemera", they wave back as I walk to
                     the end of the small beach where it gives way to rocks and the main beach
                     at Pefkos. Near enough that you can wade through the water and reach the
                     golden sand.

                    The shallow water is clear and fish swim between your toes. I look back
                    from the warmth of the sea to the clifftop from where I've just descended.
                    I walk back up the dusty slope to the garden of the taverna that overlooks the
                    bay and order a beer.

                    I sit in the shade of a pine tree and listen to music through my headphones.
                    "Being There" by the Tord Gustavsen trio.

"Being There"- Acrylic on canvas 24"x24"

Monday, 27 November 2017

Andrew Hood (Artists in focus No.5)

                 I spent the morning with the artist Andrew Hood. Based in Bristol England,
                 he was holding a studio exhibition entitled "City + Land" featuring recent
                 paintings and drawings from locations as diverse as the city of London to
                 beach scenes from the South of France. 
Andrew Hood in the studio
Hood uses sketches made on location and produces, back in the studio, smaller
works on board to further explore the subjects and produce the finished work.
Using a variety of mediums including oil paint, bitumen and even barge paint!
has given Hood a direction in which "happy accidents" and the "fluidity" of paint
produces work in which an element of chance is embraced.

Finished framed paintings
To see more of Andrew's work go to
(hover mouse if website fails to appear due to white on black type)

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Beer & Lyme (not a drink!)

                       Another recent visit to the towns of Beer and Lyme Regis on the
                       East Devon / Dorset coast. Bright weather and even warm Autumn
                       sunshine made for rich colours and a respite before Winter sets in.

                                                       "Fishing boats - Beer beach"
"Gulls following a fishing boat entering Lyme Harbour"
"Crows over Beer"- Acrylic on paper 10"x 10"
("rough cut" sketch for finished acrylic on canvas)

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Greek island painting

                    A new piece of artwork from the sketchbook and photographs from
                    the trip to Pefkos on Rhodes. Looking out onto this hill I could watch a
                    herd of goats make their way down a track each day and sometimes come
                    through a gap in the fence to nibble the grass in the hotel grounds that the
                    gardener was attempting to grow!

                                       "Rocky outcrop Pefkos" - Acrylic on canvas 20"x20"

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Mixed group exhibition

                   A number of my paintings have been selected as part of an exciting new
                   mixed group exhibition. The Combe Grove Manor hotel near Bath, England
                   are now showing my work with the work of fellow artists throughout their
                   country house hotel.

"Combe Grove set in seventy six acres of beautiful landscape"
The work will be on permanent display and the paintings will be  changed
 periodically to keep the exhibition fresh. I currently have ten paintings on
show in various locations throughout the hotel rooms, the eleventh painting
"Receding Tide", (see previous post), sold on the first day ! As all the work is
  for sale at affordable prices this promises to be a great way for the public to engage
in contemporary art on a day to day basis. Contact myself to buy any of the pieces
            E: or    T: 01275 831582 .      
For more details about the hotel go to their website
(Hover mouse if website fails to appear)
                                 Three paintings in the "Roman Room"                                              

"Paintings hung in the Library"
Summerhouse in the hotel grounds 

Thursday, 12 October 2017

"Notes from a Greek island"

                 With what now seems to be an annual visit to the Greek island of Rhodes (Rodos)
                  the familiarity of the town of Pefkos has a comfortable feel to it. Recognising the
                 owners of the many tavernas and people that you see regularly both Greek and ex-pat
                 British and even frequent visitors to the island that you meet on the beach almost exactly
                 a year to the day since we last met is what is unique about this small town.
                 Striking up a conversation with a British lady who runs an apartment complex was
                 especially revealing about the way the place has grown since she and her husband
                 built their house here seventeen years ago. Recalling her time of early visits to the island
                 in the nineteen eighties it was suprising to hear that there were no direct flights to the
                 island (only via Athens) and with mainly "tracks" instead of roads, the favourite mode of
                 transport was by donkey!     

                 Even now the winter months are extremely quiet with all the hotels and apartments
                 closed and only a few shops and the bakery open.

                 Once again I've used a small notebook to make some sketches as an aide-memoire
                 for some future paintings accompanied by some photographs these will develop over
                 the coming weeks.





Sunday, 17 September 2017

"Receding Tide"

                        A new painting referenced from previous sketches and photographs.

                                        "Receding Tide" - Acrylic on canvas 24"x 24"