Sunday, 21 October 2012

New paintings

 Here's a couple of new paintings, the first was produced from sketches made in Cornwall earlier in the year from the clifftop looking towards St. Ives.

The Island St. Ives
Landscape seen from a train window

Friday, 12 October 2012

Sussex weekend

Spent the weekend in Sussex to visit Farley Farm House, the former home of the Surrealist painter Roland Penrose and his American wife, the photographer, Lee Miller. I met their son Anthony, himself a sculptor/writer who maintains the house and Miller's archived work.
He told me about their life and their friendships with  artists such as Miro,Ernst and especially Picasso.
The house contains numerous works of art, but in true Surrealist style they're mixed with everyday found objects.

Farley Farm House

 The gardens contain sculptures by various artists who regularly visited.
Sculpture by Anthony Penrose from a design by Roland.

The following day we visited Charlestone near Lewes. This was the home of the Bloomsbury group,Duncan Grant ,Vanessa Bell etc.The gardens and interiors (no photography allowed here), were kept in their original state as members of the group lived here from 1916 until Grant's death in 1978.